Contemporary Korean Style SWEETDEW is 

a lifestyle brand that reinterprets 

traditional Korean patterns in a fashionable way.

SWEETDEW try to continue and promote 

the tradition of our clothes 

that coexist with the times. 

Have Fun with us !

“ sustainable beautiful clothes "

Continues the times and Traditions

At Sweetdew, we thought about environmental problems caused by clothes that were easily worn and thrown away due to the influence of fast fashion.

Clothing that reflects the trend of the time is ignored and thrown away when the fashion passes. SWEETDEW is a lifestyle brand that offers a trendy street mood by reinterpreting our traditional patterns full of good meaning in a modern way. We design sustainable and beautiful clothes using recycled and organic eco-friendly materials.

스윗듀 SWEETDEW   대표 배주영

서울 동작구 노량진로 10 스페이스살림 C04, B1

사업자등록번호  422-51-00371

통신판매신고번호  2021-서울동작-1061

전화 +82 (0)50-8439-4494

스윗듀 SWEETDEW  ㅣ 대표  배주영  ㅣ 서울 동작구 노량진로 10 스페이스살림 C04, B1 ㅣ  사업자등록번호  422-51-00371 ㅣ통신판매신고번호  2021-서울동작-1061  ㅣ 전화  +82 (0)50-8439-4494

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